About me....

I live in Nashville...but Arizona will always be home...

I write songs...I sing em' too...

I play piano & guitar...hold my own on Midi Drums ;)

I produce, pro tools engineer....professional "doodler" when unmotivated

I hate to ask for help...so that's why I taught myself the above

I am a Father of 3 girlz, Husband of my sweet high-school princess...

I am a living room "SUPERSTAR" in my daughter's eyes...

I am trying to make a difference with my 100 years......how bout you?

I promise to write more songs...when I'm not busy givin' piggy back rides!

Take a journey through my years of writing on the music tab

Lastly, please consider purchasing tunes, coming to shows, subscribing to my YOUTUBE channel and FACEBOOK | Sharing my MUSIC | ART | INSPIRATIONAL BLOGS with your friends & family is the greatest compliment I could ever receive...

Now onto the NOT SO IMPORTANT stuff below...but nice to be recognized for the hard work.


1. My Song "Scars" - Picked up by 2x Grammy Producer Steve Zuckerman for global Compilation "Hope, Love is the Answer" (SONY)

2. ISC COUNTRY FINALIST (For The One's I love)


4. ISC COUNTRY FINALIST (I found faith)

5. CMT/NSAI Honorable Mention (Keep Movin' On)

6. All Songs on Lainey's "Lucky Girl" album produced by Dierks Bentley's Producer "Brett Beavers"

7. My Duo "Willow Park" invited to perform at "The Americana Experience" in Franklin, TN

8. My Duo "Willow Park's" tune "Cafe #9" Semi FINALIST ISC Americana Category

9. My video "I Love You, Love Me Too" nominated Finalist EmPower Music & Arts Posi Fest

10. The song "Hang A Sign From The Moon" Honorable Mention - Empower Music & Arts

11. Arizona - Get Out Magazine Interview - Here

12. Most important accomplishment - Father of 3 precious girlz, 2 dachshunds & HUBBY!!  And I'm still ALIVE after all the rejection the BUSINESS has to offer.  

To all aspiring writers, artists, authors, sculptors....basically every creative soul, I'm speaking to you.. DON'T GIVE UP!


Be blessed in all you do...

Be love and love will surround you...







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